Analyzing Top Video Strategies for Real Estate Sites


How do you keep up with the lead capture strategies of the giants such as Zillow and Trulia? It’s a challenge. But, it can be done if you have a strategic and constantly updated website and lead capture strategy on your brokerage website.


This year, REAL Trends conducted our 2017 website rankings. We analyzed hundreds of real estate websites in the categories of best mobile, best community pages, best property detail pages, best overall, best design and best video. Today, we’ll focus on video. Here is a breakdown of some of the types of videos and other characteristics our group of experts looked at when ranking websites on video and video strategy.


  1. This might seem like an obvious choice, but the websites that used video best had the technical expertise and equipment to pull off high-quality videos. Even if you want to go with a guerilla-style video by shooting on an iPhone, you’ll find that you won’t get the engagement that professionally done videos will. If you want one of the best video presences in real estate, don’t go cheap, do it right the first time.


  1. Abundance is key. If you want to master video, you have to have more than one company culture video or one listing video. Make a variety of videos. Consider community videos, FRQ videos, as well as videos on company culture, testimonials, the closing process, mortgage, making an offer, etc.


  1. Technology has changed the way our brains think and process information. Are you going to watch a 20-minute video on a real estate office? Probably not. Some of the most effective videos from the top real estate websites in our rankings were short—around two and a half minutes long.
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