Attracting Top Talent: 5 Key Questions to Ask

Attracting Top Talent: 5 Key Questions to Ask

by Adam Roach, creator, Recruiting Bridge

Want to recruit top talent? Ask yourself these five key questions:

  1. What about your vision statement is attractive to big picture thinkers?

The vision statement of your business needs to be clear, concise and relatable. It should also be in alignment with the vision of your recruit.

If a recruit’s vision is too easily attainable, call him or her out on it. You want them to have something to focus on and achieve while they are a part of your business. That is how you will show the value of being in business together. While recruiting the No. 1 agent from a competing broker, I shared our vision statement, which laid the foundation for this mega-agent to increase his business by 1000 percent in 2 ½ years. It wasn’t easily attainable, but it could be done.

  1. What about your current environment is not attracting top talent?

Your business needs to be standard focused. The environment needs to be measurable and the culture measured or it will fall out of focus. Show care and candor, and you’ll become more attractive to those who are not part of your business. I’ve established a belief system in my business and everyone that is a part of it is in alignment with our values.

I had a vision of creating the most vibrant and attractive real estate office in town. We created that by thinking outside the box. After accomplishing this, our market share grew from 4 percent to nearly 10 percent in three years.

  1. Would you attend your training?

Step outside and look in. Your business must always be conducive to growth. Training needs to be progressive, meaning you start at A and you end at Z. Make it broad in scope and specific in development. Training should be aimed at personal development as well as professional. Make sure there is a purpose and that purpose is in alignment with your environment, culture and vision. Professional growth won’t happen without some self-discovery.

After creating a standard of no less than six different training classes a week, my real estate office went from closing nearly 100 transactions a month to well over 250 per month.

  1. Does their world fit into your world?

When you’re able to paint a big picture, and articulate the opportunity within the picture, questions will be created. Tell your recruits what the big picture is and share with them how that happens. They will ask questions on how they can be a part of it. I always think of Walt Disney when it comes to growth opportunities. Disney had this big vision and everybody fit into it. Your agents and your recruits need to know what their upward mobility is, if they don’t think they fit; they will leave.

  1. What proven track record do your systems have?
    Is it one of success?

While top talent will push for solutions, a foundation of structured systems with a proven track record is a must. Once completed, the talent will come and add creativity. These systems won’t fall into place without your business having a purpose. Practice your purpose, measure the outcome, and you’ll have a proven track record of success. Case in point, after attracting the right operations manager with the right systems, our attrition went from 47 percent to 30 percent in 12 months.

Adam Roach is the co-creator of Recruiting Bridge. In 2014, Adam founded and created a lead generation/communication system specifically for Keller Williams’ Team Leaders called recruiting | bridge. To-date, recruiting | bridge has had nearly 90 percent of all Keller Williams market centers using the application and generating over 100,000 leads annually.

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