A Checklist for Your Content Marketing Strategy

Audience engagement through content marketing. You’ve probably heard this phrase a million times when analyzing the marketing strategy for your brokerage or brand. We all want to measure the success of our marketing initiatives based on actions, not projections; click-through-rates (CTRs) not impressions. But how we achieve that engagement is tricky in a time where most people don’t want to be sold a product or a service. They want to invest in an experience,  feeling or cause. This societal shift launched the new way most of us market these days.


Last week, members of the REAL Trends team attended the Digital Summit in Denver where Melissa Joy Kong, CEO of Iceberg Content Marketing Agency, shared her approach to content marketing. Her straightforward and actionable strategy reminded us that the key to content marketing isn’t purely social. The key is mixing the art of good storytelling with the science to analyze the gaps in your story. Following are four takeaways from Kong’s presentation, How to Use Content to Grow Your Business.


  1. Content quality must be high. If you wouldn’t want to read, watch or listen to the articles, webinars or podcasts you produce, no one else will either. Be thoughtful in content selection and production.


  1. Cadence matters more than frequency. How often you produce a newsletter doesn’t matter if you can’t do it well each time. Base your frequency of content marketing materials on production timelines that focus on quality. Then be consistent with the production.


  1. Know what metrics you’re chasing and why. Metrics are important. They tell us where we’ve been and where we are. However, none of that information matters if you don’t know your end goal. Whatever your metric goals are, unique visits, completion of lead capture forms or downloads, make sure they’re defined.


  1. Don’t forget about conversion optimization tools. The second half of the science in using metrics is diagnosing conversion issues. When are people jumping off your website or opting out of email campaigns? Find out using tools like optinmonster, kissmetrics or hotjar. You can’t fix a conversion problem if you don’t know where or what it is.


Use this checklist to evaluate your approach to content marketing strategy. It will give you greater piece of mind and ensure that your content marketing efforts worthwhile.


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