Is Your Firm Customer Obsessed?

Real estate is full of technology solutions targeted at fixing the same problems—database intelligence, transaction management, lead acquisition and marketing to name a few. Many of these platforms offer similar tools and functionality, but what sets them apart, aside from price, is their differentiation in their obsession to the customer’s experience.


According to Forrester, customer-obsessed companies have the highest median three-year growth in sales. To be clear, customer obsession goes way beyond customer service. It’s a complete shift in how a company operates so that the customer is the focus at all times.


REAL Trends is seeing this change in several real estate technology partners, most notably with those providing online leads. It’s no secret that improperly managed leads mean missed opportunities for brokerages and sales associates. For online lead providers, the stakes are double.


There are three ways we see customer obsession manifesting itself in today’s top online lead providers.


  1. Simplicity: A simplification of the platform setup across devices is paramount to making user engagement better. Many systems are reducing menu choices to five options or fewer over a streamlined mobile interface. Hand-in-hand with simplicity is the intuitive nature of the platform. This will continue to increase as companies implement greater artificial intelligence capabilities.


  1. Qualification: The importance of consistent and timely lead follow-up is nothing new, but is still something that is a work in progress for most brokerages. More online partners are taking this initial first step on behalf of their clients. Using personable, live people to make that first contact on behalf of the agent or brokerage can shift leads from cold to warm.


  1. Actionable Analysis: Who doesn’t love a good set of metrics to evaluate productivity? Successful business owners appreciate the value of data reviewed on a consistent basis. Teams and brokerages are finding more partners who are willing to put these data sets together for them and make the time to review performance issues from both sides.


Consider how these three shifts can help you heighten your customer obsession. If you’ve already done this, we would love to hear your story. Please contact Deirdre LePera at [email protected]

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