Five Ways to Boost Your Real Estate Career Satisfaction

Looking for some inspiration to boost your enjoyment of your career in real estate? Here are some tips

Put a hard focus on soft skills. Executives polled said the top characteristic required for career success is being motivated to learn a new skill. Job seekers should choose a skill to acquire or improve in 2017, and consider making it a soft skill, like listening, communication or conflict resolution.

Go on an email ‘diet.’ Executives polled said, on average, 17 percent of the time they spend on email is wasted. Workers should respond to email several times a day versus each message as it arrives. This saves time and allows for more thoughtful, relevant responses. 

Get some Zzzs. Nearly three-quarters of workers polled said they work while tired. Resulting in a lack of focus, procrastination, grumpiness and mistakes. An extra hour of shut eye just may improve your job performance. 

Find the right mentor. Eighty-six percent of executives feel it’s important to have a mentor, yet only 26 percent actually have them. Pairing up with someone who is doing what you want to be doing and commit to the relationship. 

Get a move on. Over one-third of professionals polled believe relocating to a new city will help their career prospects. The Robert Half City Comparison Tool can help job seekers find a city that suits their career goals and aspirations. 

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