Former Coldwell Banker CEO and Chairman Chandler Barton Passes


REAL Trends received word earlier today that Chandler Barton, former chairman and CEO of Coldwell Banker passed away at his home in Atlanta, Georgia.

He was known to many of us in the industry as a great, smart, talented, deeply personal and warm leader of people and builder of companies.

I had the pleasure of meeting Chandler just two weeks into my 40-year real estate career. We met at a relocation meeting in Atlanta and interacted throughout the years.

Chandler Baron was a true friend of mine and was hugely instrumental in supporting REAL Trends Consulting and REAL Trends publications at an important time in our development.

He was that kind of guy. In fact, hundreds of people can tell similar stories of Chandler stepping in to help without being asked. He would lend a helping hand and was a giving leader.

REAL Trends sends our sympathy to Chandler’s family and all the friends who knew him well. We will miss him greatly.

–Steve Murray, founder of REAL Trends

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