Where You Grow Your Business: New System, Better Results

Real estate brokerages all set out to accomplish the same goal—helping homebuyers or sellers. However, the daily systems used to achieve that goal varies from company to company. These systems include how to manage transactions, marketing, leads and the overall consumer experience. For most firms, the capability to grow in either market share or sales associate count relies on the success of their systems.

Danny Rebello, owner and principal of Home Connect Nationwide Realty Group in Las Vegas, Nev., is acutely tuned into the system he built over the past three years. As a result, his sales associates average between six and nine closed transactions per month, and most of them do it with little time spent out of the office.

Rebello shared with REAL Trends, “I absolutely love designing systems that yield results.” And his results based system is explained in four basic steps.

Step 1:  Deliberately select a geographical area and dominate it

Home Connect Nationwide Realty is based in Las Vegas; however, the sales associates focus specifically on the affluent master-planned Summerlin community.

Step 2:  Find a lead source that provides the right volume of quality leads

In mid-2016, Rebello decided to move his $30,000+ marketing spend directly to Realtor.com leads. He did so based on the quality of the Realtor.com leads. After making that change, his company’s conversion rate jumped from XX percent to 16 percent on average.

Step 3:  Hire new sales associates or those who will do things differently

Rebello has a strong belief in working with sales associates who are open to redefining what it means to be a real estate professional.

Step 4:  Replace prospecting with a lead system

Rather than focus on sphere-based marketing or open houses, Rebello coaches sales associates to focus on their primary lead source. His team uses automatic dialer technology as one resource to stay connected with leads.


Home Connect’s four-step process seems simple—find an area, know it like the back of your hand and work every lead available in that area with sales-minded individuals.  However, the success of the system requires each step to function properly.


Rebello shared that with the right partnership, success goes both ways. His relationship with Realtor.com specifically has allowed him to build a system around expected production.


For more on Home Connect Nationwide Realty Group, check out the latest episode of REAL Trends webisode series Where You Grow Your Business.



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