Home Sizes in the US: Expectations vs Reality

A survey from Point 2 Homes on 29,000 people across 9 countries around the world reveals that Americans enjoy the second-largest homes and they are #1 when it comes to space per person.

Here are the key findings retrieved from American respondents:

  • Americans enjoy approx. 30% more home space than Europeans and, for example, 45% more than the Spaniards;
  • When it comes to space per person, they topped the list with 45% more personal space than what the Brits and French have and 70% more than what the Spanish enjoy;
  • Though homes in the US have gotten bigger than ever – they got larger by 62% on average in the last four decades — Americans would need even more space to accommodate their families;
  • The vast majority of Americans who live in homes under 1,500 square feet said they’d like at least 500 extra square feet, while many people living in 3,000 square feet or more said they’d prefer to downsize.

To see the complete findings and how the US stacks up against the other 8 countries, check out: http://www.point2homes.com/news/us-real-estate-news/home-sizes-expectations-reality.html

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