Meet the 2017 The Thousand: Blair Myers

Meet the 2017 The Thousand: Blair Myers

2017 REAL Trends The Thousand, as advertised in The Wall Street Journal

By Tracey C. Velt

This year’s The Thousand all have one thing in common—they are passionate about people. Find out more about these savvy professionals.

No. 9 Individuals by Transaction Sides

Blair Myers, Team Blair—Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Success

Warner Robins, Georgia

Loves: sweet tea and baked goods—in moderation, of course

Wants to: spend more time outside the business traveling

Claim to fame: Appears on reality TV show “Like a Boss,” produced by Nick Cannon on the Oxygen Channel. “I declined the second season because it takes too much time to film.”

When Blair Myers was just nine years old, he would pull the Home Hunters magazine out of the Sunday newspaper and beg his mother to go to open houses after church. “I would pretend I was showing the houses to buyers,” says Blair, who admits he thought real estate meant nice cars, fancy clothing and fun open houses. “Of course,” he laughs, “that’s not my everyday life, but it sounded good back then.” However, when college graduation came, Myers was a bit concerned about being in real estate. “No salary, no benefits—that’s scary,” he says. But, his father insisted and told him he would pay for real estate school and some of his bills if he moved to Warner Robins, Georgia. He agreed and got his real estate license in 2004. He thought he would relocate to a bigger city someday—Atlanta or Miami. “I always saw myself as a big city person. I’m the jolly blond giant because I have thick, bushy blond hair and I’m tall. Plus, I joke that I popped out of the womb with a bag of Skittles tasting the rainbow. I came out as gay to my parents, and they weren’t surprised. I stick out like a sore thumb in this small town,” he says. “But, to my surprise, I became the No. 1 agent here in both production and closed units for seven consecutive years, so I stayed.”

Myers credits his parents’ unwavering support for his success. “I come from a family that is incredibly supporting and accepting. I hope to inspire and influence the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) groups and all minorities so that they pursue their dreams and go after what they want, but I don’t play a direct role in any specific group,” he says. And, although he did appear in a reality show, he really enjoys being at home with his “other half.” Both are involved in fitness, his partner a bit more than him as he’s a body builder and fitness model. “I love sugar and carbs too much to be so strict,” he laughs. “What drives me every day is our relationship and the life that we enjoy together as well as being that role model for minorities out there.”

He’s also inspired by the people he meets daily. “I’ll never forget this lady at a conference where I spoke. She was sitting toward the front and she was balling her eyes out when I was about 75 percent through my speech. She came up to me after and said she was touched by my story of overcoming the odds. A lot of people told me that the rednecks in Georgia would eat me alive. She is a minority and was empowered by my speech. That touched me and I find her inspiring,” he says.

Overall, says Myers, “I love different parts of what I do—staging the homes, meeting people, going on appointments. But I don’t love the bookkeeping or sitting in the office managing problems, closing issues, inspection issues and mitigating issues.” And, he says, if he could accomplish one thing this year it would be to focus on himself and downtime. “I’ve been licensed over 13 years, and my goal this year would be ‘the year of me.’ I made a commitment to my other half that I would spend more time outside the business. I would delegate and outsource more, and I wouldn’t take on so many new things.”


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