Changes to Note: REAL Trends Rankings

Changes to Note: REAL Trends Rankings

Our rankings of both brokerage firms, sales agents and sales teams all hit new records of participation in 2017.

Some 1,700 brokerage firms qualified to be ranked on our REAL Trends 500 and Up-and-Comers list. Nearly 12,700 agents and teams were ranked on REAL Trends America’s Best Real Estate Agents. We are proud of the fact that we continue to maintain the highest possible standards for being included, but also realize we have much work to do to improve the verification and qualification standards.



Some changes we plan for the year ahead include:

  • There will be several different publications associated with the ranking of brokerage firms. There will be separate publications for the REAL Trends 500, the REAL Trends Up-and-Comers, REAL Trends Market Leaders and REAL Trends Billionaires.
  • We are going to establish new definitions for what constitutes individual agents and teams for REAL Trends America’s Best, which we co-promote with Zillow and REAL Trends The Thousand, which we co-promote with The Wall Street Journal.

After ten years of ranking individual agents and teams, we believe that there must be more clarity and differentiation between individuals and teams, particularly as these top sales professionals invent new forms of business organizations to achieve their personal goals. Our goal is to clarify the differences, yet also make it simpler to know where one stands.

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