Save Your Website From Google Penalties!

Tips to Save Your Website From Being Penalized by Google

When it comes to Google and organic rankings, penalties can make or break the positioning of your website. More importantly, they can drastically impact the exposure and uptime of your website based on the level of severity. Penalties can include simple flagging with modification recommendations to your website to sandboxing, which is a form of temporary website probation. Below are a few tips to save your website from being penalized by Google and ensure maximum uptime:

1. Monitor Google Webmaster Tools

Google webmaster tools allows any webmaster with admin access to  monitor any potential flags and warnings from Google. Keeping track of webmaster tools is a quick and easy way to ensure your website is not being flagged or penalized. Webmaster tools will point out issues and provide recommendations for fixing and avoiding the issues. Lastly, webmaster tools will provide a holistic approach on how to make your website better—including how to display content, remove content, fix hacks and better your visibility in search.

save your website2. Monitor Link Profiles

Links are the dividing point between driving traffic and acquiring new leads to your website. However, link building and exchanging should be taken seriously, as Google constantly crawls your website’s content to track down any malicious behavior. However, it’s always important to make sure you are not always using the same links to drive traffic to your website. For example, don’t buy and sell links that do not look natural or organic. Secondly, don’t use the same anchor text/URLs on multiple websites as Google will crack down on this behavior. Lastly, always consider link building as quality over quantity. Having quality links from a few high page rank websites (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) is much more impactful than 100 links from disreputable sources.

3. Provide Unique, One of a Kind Content

One quick way to get on the bad side of Google is to publish content that’s already been indexed, or is considered duplicate content. For example, don’t copy content from another source and pawn it off as your own. Google will easily pick up on this and flag your website for duplicate content. Creating unique, valuable content will help your website avoid being penalized by showing Google you are providing one of a kind content and more importantly, a valuable user experience.

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