Is Snapchat Too Trendy for Your Brokerage?

Snapchat is a without a doubt a trendy social media tool and a favorite with the younger generations. However, some would argue that Snapchat has fallen on hard times. The platform’s parent company Snap Inc. went public back in March and is still trading for less than its OPS of $17 according to CNN Tech.
Also, a hindrance for Snapchat would be that many of the features Snapchat offers can be found on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Both Facebook and Instagram have stories where images and videos disappear after a certain amount of time much like the main objective of sending a “Snap”. Facebook also introduced photo filters in its camera effects setting and it draws a striking resemblance to the filters that can be found on Snapchat.

Nevertheless, I would not pull Snapchat out of the game just yet. Back in November, the founder of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel, shared a video announcing a Snapchat redesign. “One of the complaints we have heard on social media is that photos and videos from your friends are mixed in with content from publishers and creators and influencers, but your friends are not content—they are relationships.” The goal is to make Snapchat a more personal tool where you can focus on your friends and families and not click bait, paid advertisements and falsified news. Smart move, Snapchat, smart move.

Another major design obstacle they are focusing on is making the messaging feature more user-friendly. Snapchat isn’t an overcomplicated tool but it’s definitely a platform where a new user needs to play around with the application before getting the hang of it. This should also decrease the learning curve associated with the social app to increase engagement with a wider age demographic.

So is Snapchat too trendy for a brokerage? We still say it’s not a necessary tool to have in your social media tool belt, but after learning of its redesign features, it is clear that Snapchat’s overall objective is to make interacting with your friends and family easier. And that’s something we can get behind. We recommend that real estate professionals become familiar with the platform if they haven’t already done so. As we have recommended and will continue to recommend—use the tools and applications your desired clients are using, even if that means trendy social apps.

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