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With so many social media platforms out there, big and small, how can anyone possibly manage them all? Let me tell you, it’s difficult. Even more difficult is deciphering which applications you need and which ones are simply supplemental.  Find our rankings of the social applications from most beneficial to least and why we ranked them as such.

No. 1 Facebook. We all know Facebook is the colossal king of social media. With 1.32 billion active users each day, it’s safe to say it’s the most widely used platform. Their motto? “This journey is 1% finished.” So, it makes you wonder what else they have up their sleeves if their accomplishments so far have only been 1 percent. What can Facebook help you with? Tons. Marketing, brand exposure, content sharing, lead generation, event management, website traffic, content analytics—the list goes on.
But for real estate, users are seeing success in promoting their businesses and shining a light on other aspects of their profession, not just their new listings. The people who are seeing great success on Facebook are willing to put in the time to understand what their customers want to see from them. If you have a Facebook Business page, you can view how each of your posts performs, how many clicks/engagements it received, how far was the reach, etc. What is also great is you can target a select audience on a business page and Facebook will give you a general range of impressions you will receive with your audience and budget.  Another reason that Facebook is tops? You will find the most diverse age group on the social platform than any other, maybe similar to LinkedIn, but LinkedIn definitely does not have the number of daily visitors. People typically not on Facebook are people who choose not to engage on any social platform.

Social Media Platforms

No. 2Instagram. The trendier sibling of Facebook, Instagram boasts a large following on its own and has a lot of useful features for creating brand awareness and advertising. Instagram has a sense of feeling more organic than some of the other platforms—even if the content is sponsored. This app blends together the like and comments features of Facebook and the imagery/video feature of Snapchat making it very versatile. Again, like Facebook this platform allows users to create a business to assist with boosts and promotions. If you have a large business following, you can also link custom URLs to your stories and encourage followers to “swipe up” instead of going to the link in your bio to visit your website or read shared content. Why is Instagram second? It has the best features of Facebook without heavy ad and news content and is incredibly influential.

No. 3 LinkedIn. This platform may not be top of mind for some because the content shared has a  professional feel, but it’s a great resource for industry news. The content shared on LinkedIn is more direct which can appeal to your client demographics. Also, this is a tool to announce your accolades, certifications. licenses, etc. Past and current clientele can leave comments and endorse your skills right on your page. In terms of marketing, this application isn’t our top choice, but you should maintain this resource to help round out your social presence.

No. 4 YouTube. Video content is the ‘it’ marketing tool of 2017. The growth and usage of video will not slow down anytime soon. Developing video content is important because it can be so versatile and recycled across many of your platforms. Community videos can be shared on Facebook, your website and also your personal YouTube channel. What is great about YouTube is that if you have a large enough video library, it’s a great way for clients to view multiple videos from your brokerage.

No. 5 Pinterest. Pinterest said recently that it now has 200 million users each month, which is a 50 million increase from a year ago.   Why is this important? Many people visit Pinterest every day and stay engaged for a longer period of time. It’s fun application that does eat up time due to the posts being completely visual, links and article information is secondary. Many brokerages and real estate agents are finding success with repurposing their blog content on Pinterest by having an enticing image to capture followers attention. Another way to utilize Pinterest for your business is to have boards of featured listings and properties. These tend to do well for desirable markets and larger homes. One major downside? Many users on Pinterest are looking for ideas. Whether that be home decor ideas or exterior remodel ideas the application is generally not a major lead source generator for your listings. However, we think those repurposing written content on this application can see and increase in readership.

Social Media Platforms    Social Media Platforms

No. 6 Snapchat. Snapchat is not a necessary tool to have in your social media tool belt, but after learning of its redesign features, it’s overall objective is to make interacting with your friends and family easier.  Many of the above mentioned social media applications can do a lot of the things Snap Chat is known for and they are already linked to your followers and content. We recommend that real estate professionals become familiar with the platform.

No. 7 Twitter. I equate Twitter to the Blackberry. Those who loved Twitter when it first came out are the same people who are still using it heavily today. Most of us have been drawn to the iPhone and Androids of social media (Facebook and Instagram) and over time forgot about the Blackberry. Don’t get me wrong, it is still a great tool, but using it won’t give you the best bang for your buck. If you have a Twitter account that is successful, you are most likely a large entity or have really put in the time to develop your following over the years.

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