What Technology Trends Will We See In 2017? Tech News From Around The Globe

2016 brought many new technology trends to the real estate industry— from interactive apps to artificial intelligence and home automation. Working with firms across the country, REAL Trends has a unique vantage point which allows us to understand how brokerages are incorporating this new technology into their company strategy.


We’ve all seen the rise of smart home technology, and it’s our prediction that this trend will continue to impact real estate as consumers who are becoming more accustomed to the gadgets and tools that help them save time and money.


Here are several other technology trends we predict will have an impact on the real estate industry in the upcoming year.


  1. Virtual Reality (VR).

    Gone are the days where potential buyers would enter a property with only the images they concocted in their imagination. Today, consumers expect HD imagery, maps and even drone footage of a property before they schedule a showing. This alleviates any unnecessary time spent looking at homes that aren’t suitable to them.
    Imagine if we took that one step further and consumers could tour a home from the comfort of their living room or office. Some real estate firms are experimenting with VR. This solution is especially appealing to long-distance consumers looking to relocate. The ability to navigate a home, inspect the floor plan and feel like they’ve visited a property could have a profound effect on the real estate industry. Matterport, a virtual imaging company, is already providing 3D environments for the real estate consumer.

  2. Big Data.

    As digital marketers, REAL Trends has seen a huge shift in our ability to leverage big data with our marketing efforts. A perfect example of this is Facebook. Facebook users provide information on a daily basis that can be used for marketing purposes. From check-ins at local restaurants to relationship or job status changes, marketers may tap into this big data to target the perfect consumer.
    Downloaded an app lately? This information is fair game too. With the wealth of information we provide to cyberspace, there’s an incredible opportunity for brokerage firms to use this information to its benefit. Now, other display network platforms are aggregating big data and allowing advertisers to purchase ad space and categorize consumers.


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