The Great Gender Gap: Single Men and Women Cannot Actually Afford to be Single in the US

Did you know that single women can afford to rent a place on their own in only 2 of the biggest U.S. cities, while men can afford to rent on their own in 18? Following an analysis of the market in the 50 most populous American cities, resulting in a joint study compiled by RENTCafé and PropertyShark, it was found that men and women see the world of housing in very different ways. 

  • Single women can afford to buy a small home in only 26 of the cities we looked at, and renting alone is within their reach in only 2 – Wichita, KS and Tulsa, OK (the reason being that these are the cities with the cheapest rentals nationwide).
  • With an average annual income of $32,451 per year, vs. only $24,115 for women, men can buy a home in 35 cities and rent one in 18.
  • Boston, MA, Manhattan, NY, and San Jose, CA are only the first three of the 14 markets where the single lifestyle is just out of the question – for both men AND women, regardless whether they want to buy or to rent. Also, the rent burden in these cities is the stuff of nightmares: 100% rent burden for women and between 66% and 97% for men. 

For the full data set and visuals, check out the full reports here:

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