Meet the 2017 The Thousand: Amy Wienands

Meet the 2017 The Thousand: Amy Wienands

2017 REAL Trends The Thousand, as advertised in The Wall Street Journal

By Tracey C. Velt

This year’s The Thousand all have one thing in common—they are passionate about people. Find out more about these savvy professionals.

No. 3 Individual by Transaction Sides

Amy Wienands, Amy Wienands Real Estate

Waterloo, Iowa

Loves: coffee, Indian food and great watches

Passionate about: the pursuit of excellence

Believes in: video marketing

As a teacher of employability skills to inmates in the Cook County Jail in Chicago, Amy Wienands wanted more. “I was on the train going to work reading “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz, and it dawned on me that I wanted to get into sales,” she says. Soon after, she decided to get into real estate, and her business took off. So much so that Wienands, now broker/owner of Amy Wienands Real Estate in Waterloo, Iowa, hit a wall. “I love the service piece of sales. Four years ago, I realized I was at capacity and just could not do any more. A friend called asking if I could take on more business, and I told him I didn’t need more business; I needed a life,” she laughs. So he connected her with Bob Corcoran of Corcoran Coaching & Consulting.

“Coaching was a game changer for me. Everything opened up for me, and I started going in a completely different direction with a focus on building a team,” she says. Corcoran told me to step out of the industry and look at the forty-thousand-foot view. Where do I want to take this company? What kind of philanthropic endeavors do I want to create? He’s been pounding that into my head, and it’s really sinking in.”

She says her positive approach and high energy help her navigate her busy real estate career as well as her toddler twins, Faith and Foster. “They keep my husband and me very busy,” says Wienands, who spends the majority of her downtime in parks and in the driveway watching the kids ride up and down the cul-de-sac. “I think my aha moment was when my twins were born,” she laughs. “The whole world changed that day, and I became very focused on legacy and creating a future that I would be proud of and that, eventually, they would also appreciate.”

When it comes to marketing, she says, videos are the key to the future of real estate. She developed a video blog that offers critical information to buyers and sellers. “We’re building a new office, and we are including a soundproof media room with a green screen,” she says. The current videos focus on the common mistakes they see buyers and sellers make.

Her ultimate goal, she says, is to “wrap up the year hitting our goals, exceeding our goals and pleasing our customers.”

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