Why Most Agents Fail at Social Media

By: Ryan Tollefsen

Why Most Agents Fail at Social Media

Social media is an invaluable yet criminally underused tool for real estate agents. Many agents do not use this tool effectively and, as a result, do not get the improved relationships and higher conversions that good social media use can offer. Where are they going wrong? These are a few of the most common social media sins:

Flooding Your Page with Listings

If you look at most real estate agents’ social media pages, chances are you’ll be seeing property listing after property listing. There is, of course, a desire to get listings in front of potential buyers. However, this approach ignores the way that most people use social media.

Very few people browse their Facebook feeds looking for the perfect home — now, they may get a targeted ad or two featuring listings, but this is a whole different game. If all you do is post new listings all day, you run a high risk of alienating followers with spam about houses that don’t fit their needs. It can be tempting to dream of the one potential buyer that may convert by seeing your post about a new home on the market, but you need to think about the long-term goals for your social media presence. Is the goal of the page to convert an extra lead or two a year? Or is the goal of your page to set a branding message, engage former clients, and increase your reach?

Think in terms of what would be useful. Social media, for instance, is a good place to share information that can help familiarize people with the buying/selling processes and with the ways that you can help them find the home that they want. It’s a place to interact and show them what it is like to work with you as their agent. Look frequently and answer questions to let them know you are there and responsive. There’s nothing wrong with throwing in the occasional outstanding listing, but don’t let that be the focus of your page.

Focusing on the Numbers Instead of the Story

Everybody wants to celebrate their big wins, right? The problem is, self-congratulatory posts are more about you than about what your customers want from a real estate agent.

Instead of focusing on the value of a home you sold or how many homes you’ve helped close on, focus on one or two stories. Talk about how you helped a couple find the right home for them or helped a seller reach just the right buyer.

Stories are how we process information and form connections. When a buyer reads that you sold a million dollar home, all they know is that there was a deal that involved a million dollars. When you tell the story of how you helped a person realize their dream of sharing a large, luxury home with the person they love, however, you are giving them a chance to see what you can do for them.

The solution is to make your use of social media mindful. What would make you want to work with an agent? What do your clients want to see? By giving them the experience they are looking for from the first time you see each other online, you can forge a more valuable relationship.

And, as a final note… remember that Fair Housing rules and regulations do apply to your business’ social media accounts. Treat it like you would your actual website, and you should be fine!

Ryan Tollefsen is the founder and team leader of Unity Home Group.

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